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Our packages

The Dial Astro Guru packages are as under:
For 3 months - Rs. 1,100
For 6 months - Rs. 2,100
For 1 year - Rs. 3,100
One package is valid for one person. The package can be renewed at anytime on exhaustion.


For 3 Months

  • Matchmaking, Married Life
  • Janam Kundli, Natal-Birth Chart
  • Health, Diseases, Injury, Accident etc
  • Peace of Mind, Mental Health, Anxiety
  • Child Birth, Pregnancy, Fertility
  • Parents Wellbeing, Blessings, Happiness
  • Get A Job, Improve Employment Offers, Opportunities
  • Your Suitable Type of Work
  • Career Growth, Professional Enhancement, Occupation
  • Job Problems, Promotion
  • Wealth, Assets, Money, Investment, Field of Venture
  • Kill Poverty, Losses, Financial, Debt, Loan Problems
  • Dosh, e.g., Kal Sarp Dosh, Manglik, Mangal Dosh etc
  • Auspicious-Good & Inauspicious-Bad Time, Panchang
  • Lucky Color, Number, Lucky Time of Day, Period etc
  • Advice on Ratna, Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantra etc
  • Develop Karma, Luck, Fate, Fortune, Destiny, Future
  • Vaastu, Office-Home
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our services

Astrology can influence any walk of life be it wealth, health, love life, family issues. Following are the services we offer



Find out what planets and houses speak about your life and how to improve.

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Everything in this world is energy. Gemstones help in focussing energies in +ve direction.

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Find out what numbers speak about you and how to improve the outcome.

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We provide remedies which have been improved to effect 100% over past 500 years of research.

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Astrology Birth Chart

Planning a child ? talk our astrologer. Date, time and location of birth play crucial role in one's life.

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vastu shastra

Traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to science of architecture.

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why choose us

We are group of multidisciplinary innovators , leading astrologers , industry level software architects working together and reinventing astrology. We believe that no one in this world needs to live out of misery and we are here to provide an effective and pure astrology solution.

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daily routines

Astrology influences every aspect of life on daily basis. Being aware of the problems and performing some simple remedies can help you achieve a prosperous life.

vastu shastra


There are many stars but only one SUN, it's influence is major on one's life and when matched with building's architecture can exponentially increase health and prosperity.

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Birth journal (kundli)


Planning child birth at specific day and within specific time interval can be beneficial for both parents and child. A positive birth chart will always help in improving health and wealth.

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Client's happiness and satisfaction when major issue has been resolved has motivated us to scale globally.


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