Dial Astro Guru:

Dial Astro Guru is a product-service and an entity of GD Vashist Jyotish Sansthan. It is a round the clock 24/7 phone call Astrology consultancy service. The phone call information talk is free of charge. We aim to understand, astrologically analyze, solve and provide the best remedies and cures to any of your life problems. Languages conversed over the phone call are Hindi, Punjabi, Himachali, English etc. For any other language, a request can be made for a call back. You can even write to us by e-mail or visit at our office.

We have a strict privacy and confidentiality policy, and you can freely talk over phone with confidence with anyone of the Astro Agents, phone Consultants or Acharyas. Yet, for any further privacy reasons of yours, a face-to-face meeting can also be set at our offices in Delhi NCR, Jallandhar etc.

Dial Astro Guru service leverages the latest Astrology called Vashist Jyotish. The outcome is one of the most accurate on your personal data input, such as , date-time-place of birth. Vashist Jyotish is the result of the three prominent schools of Astrology – KP, Parashar and the Lal Kitab. This latest Astrology is developed by Gurudev GD Vashist, his IT and Research Team. It consists of lacs of codes and has taken crores of rupees, painstaking time for its development over time. GURUJI has more than 3 decades of Astrology consultancy, research, spirituality, astrology sciences etc experience. GURUJI and his Jyotish Sansthan have helped lacs of lives come out of their life problems and challenges, over the decades. Our slogan is “Bas Ab Dukh Aur Nahi”, meaning, “now no more suffering-sadness”.

Dial Astro Guru Services

Some of the topics covered on the Dial Astro Guru services are:

  • Love Life, Attraction
  • Matchmaking, Married Life, Family-Friends Consent
  • Janam Kundli, Natal-Birth Chart Accurate Reading
  • Health, Diseases, Organs, Injury, Accident etc Cure
  • Peace of Mind, Mental Health, Anxiety, Mantras etc
  • Child Birth, Conception, Pregnancy, Fetus, Fertility, etc
  • Parents Wellbeing, Blessings, Happiness, Psyche etc.
  • Get A Job, Improve Employment Offers, Opportunities
  • Your Suitable Type of Work & Right Location, Timing
  • Career Growth, Professional Enhancement, Occupation
  • Job Problems, Promotion, Salary Hike, Office Condition
  • Wealth, Assets, Money, Investment, Field of Venture
  • Kill Poverty, Losses, Financial, Debt, Loan Problems
  • Dosh, e.g., Kal Sarp Dosh, Manglik, Mangal Dosh etc
  • Avoid Conditions of Accident, On Spot Death Yog
  • Auspicious-Good & Inauspicious-Bad Time, Panchang
  • Lucky Color, Number, Lucky Time of Day, Period etc
  • Advice on Ratna, Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantra etc
  • Develop Karma, Luck, Fate, Fortune, Destiny, Future
  • Vaastu, Office-Home, Property Direction, Door etc
  • Raise Family, Friends, Work Colleagues etc Relations