Goddess laxmi Puja for wealth

Goddess Laxmi Puja For Wealth

Laxmi Puja

Deity Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, good fortune, progress and prosperity. Performing Pooja and worship to Goddess Laxmi creates auspiciousness, sentiment and an aura in wealth creation, and enhances its favorability. It conditions the mind to make modes of making money at secure and higher levels.

Our Acharyas and Certified Astrology Consultants can assist you in setting up a Goddess Laxmi Pooja. They can assist you in the right timing basis your Kundli, your preferred time and availability slot.

We have a facility, an entire Pooja, havan and other ritual performance floor of approximately 3,000 sqft earmarked exclusively for Pooja in seclusion. The ambience here is very calm, composed and has privacy. Pooja date and timing appointment with the elderly Panditjis can be scheduled over the phone.

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