Puja to remove depression

Puja To Remove Depression


Depression is one of the prominent ailments in the modern day. There are many causes of depression, such as, isolation, loneliness, no recognition, social, mental disorder, mental imbalance, lack of vision, food-nutrition, bad routine, sleeplessness, lethargy-laziness, hormonal, addiction, personal and professional-work stress, financial, loss of a loved one, life events etc.

Our Acharyas and Certified Astrology Consultants can assist you in setting up a Pooja to remove depression. They will study and interpret your planets’ positioning in your Kundlis, especially the House 8th, the House of the subconscious mind, the Moon and Mercury etc. For any depression related problem, astrology time tested remedies will be provided.

We have a facility, an entire Pooja floor of approximately 3,000 sqft earmarked exclusively for Pooja. The ambience here is very calm and has privacy. Pooja date and timing appointment with the elderly Panditjis can be scheduled over the phone.

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