Stop Divorce

Stop Divorce

Stop Separation

At times many life aspects remain out of control. There are too many internal and-or external factors that affect the marriage and couple’s relationship, the mind condition, wisdom, reality etc. Time appears to be unfavorable. No solution seems to emerge on the horizon. But with Dial Astro Guru, you have a support system that leverages the ancient Astrology, modern day Astro software technology etc.

Dial Astro Guru helps you to mitigate, moderate or minimize risk of divorce, how to avoid any unnecessary-unwanted divorce, in reestablishing contact-connection with the partner, starting afresh; or even enabling divorce in case of deceit, dishonesty, cheating, adultery etc. Astrology can help in making circumstances constructive in how to make court matters speedy, favorable etc in cases where there is no point of return or your Kundli suggests so but a deep analysis is required here in such cases.

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