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  • The Dial Astro Guru packages are software custom-made for the periods 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
    The amounts are:
         For 3 months - Rs. 1,100
         For 6 months - Rs. 2,100, and
         For 1 Year - Rs. 3,100
  • The package can be recharged at any time before or on exhaustion
  • The recharge minimum amount is Rs. 1,100 (and above)
  • Each member card is valid for one person only
  • The member will need to provide his-her date, time and place of birth
  • A member can consume maximum 20 minutes over the phone per day
  • It is the responsibility of the member to keep the card safely and damage-free
  • The member may be asked by the Astrologer Agent or Acharya to verify and provide his-her member unique ID over the phone that comes with the card
  • Without the ID identification, the call will not be able to get processed
  • The card or membership is non-transferable
  • If the talk time is not consumed in the package time, it is non-transferable
  • The above packages, amounts and details are subject to change without prior notice